Implementation of NPfIT has the potential to transform healthcare .

Helping Healthcare to Profit from Connecting for Health

Convert NHS Connecting for Health's National Programme for IT from a potential cost into an investment.

Reduce risk, engage clinicians, transform processes, reduce cost and increase income: gain maximum profit from Connecting for Health (NHS CFH).

Kinetic Consulting has led three NHS EPR Programmes like Connecting fof Health's NPfIT in scope. We apply this unique experience to helping healthcare to reduce risk, maximise value, change practice and save money.

“We apply unique experience to helping healthcare to gain maximum value from Connecting for Health's NPfIT.”

We have:

  • Led three major EPR programmes in the NHS in three of the UK's biggest hospitals;
  • The highest of the Electronic Patient Record, including PACS and clinical decision support;
  • Transformed care processes and maximised value and savings; and
  • Made the implementation of the EPR not only affordable but an investment.

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Implementing Connecting for Health

Read our article on change and Connecting for Health:“Making the NP Fit”.

Find out more about engaging clinicians in Connecting for Health. Read our article:“Switch on to IT Benefits”

Or you may be asking how can I...?

Great Views on Connecting for Health's NPfIT: find out how the great minds of the past help you with today’s healthcare IT?

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