How do I afford the deployment of NPfIT?

Though much of the systems and implementation costs will be met by national finding, it is unlikely that this will meet all of the costs. So you may be asking: “How can I afford all of this change?”

Health IT can be used to realise considerable value, but that value will not simply appear when the IT systems go live. Value is won as the result of vision, enthusiasm, preparation and determination.

Some areas where value may arise are:

  • Reduced cost of medical records management
  • Reduced cost of wet filming in Radiology
  • More efficient use of resources such as beds, equipment, treatment rooms
  • Reduced readmission rates
  • Reduced duplication of diagnostic tests
  • Reduced resources to manage paper, such as in resulting and medical records
  • Effective use of multi-skilled staff as provided by agenda for change
  • Integration of existing programmes of change
  • Better information and knowledge management
Kinetic Consulting can help you to align NPfIT with your strategy and to achieve your priorities. Contact us to find out how benefits can actually be realised