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How Smartphones Are Changing the Face of the Medical Profession

Smartphones have dramatically altered the way in which we communicate with each other, access the internet, conduct business affairs, and now even deal with medical conditions. Technology has always been a driving force behind improvements in the medical profession and the creation of Smartphones and tablet computers has enabled app and gadget developers to create some amazing inventions to push us forward once more.

Process and Outcome

It's years ago, but I still remember the reception I received when during my first large-scale NHS IT implementation I suggested that doctors might like to record outcome information. I can still recall the smell of my singed fingertips. Until recently, the NHS has been obsessed with recording process data fitting an organization with its roots still in the mid-twentieth century.

Stop Saving the NHS: new book

Well I have done it. My book Stop Saving the NHS and Start Reinventing it has been published in Kindle and paperback. It's aimed at NHS leaders and managers, but will probably interest anyone who is interested in the shape of 21st century healthcare.

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